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Is marriedchick06 still here?

Just wanted to say "Hi" to her! ?I've been off of The Bump for a while now and she was always super cool and supportive to me. ?If you guys see her around, please tell her ceecee said "Hi!"

Re: Is marriedchick06 still here?

  • she's still here. ?her internet isn't working right now. ?she checks in here and there. You should come around more often. ?we'll let her know though.
  • She is here but I am not too sure about SUPER COOL!.....LOL!  Just kidding!  She is a great friend for sure!
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  • I remember you!  You should come over here to post with us!
  • Hey girly!! I am here. My wireless is currently down so I have to use DH computer which is out in our garage/office/laundry room so it sucks. Hopefully I get my wireless box back by the end of next week! :) How is your grandpa? My dad is doing pretty good! Gets tired easily still but almost back to normal! :)

     And I agree with pp, you need to come around more!


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