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Did anyone see this article?

I don't know anyone personally who has autism, but I would never do to this family what their neighbors did.  That is just completely messed up! 



Re: Did anyone see this article?

  • What the bloody frigging hell?

    There is nothing about that that's acceptable.   What a crass and utter waste of time, resources, and energy on enforcing stupid and groundless prejudice.

    Mother's Day, 2011
  • Wow, that's some crazy ignorance.
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  • Wow, that is just CRAZY! I used to babysit 2 boys who had autism (one was 4 almost 5, the other 2) & the only temper tantrums I ever saw, was more like a depressed state where the older boy would go cry in the corner & no one would know why, I'm not even sure he did & if he did, he didn't know how to explain it. But never would he act angry in any sort of threatening manner, etc. It's sad that there are people who can't except that there are other's who are different & certainly have no control over it. 
  • that's horrible. ?were there no neighbors that stood up for them?
  • what a bunch of idiots... i think it had less to do with the autism (they used it as a scapegoat which is tacky and despicable) and more to do with revenge/retaliation!! ?

    as far as the other neighbors not standing up for the family - they were probably scared of these idiots - if they were willing to go to that extreme just b/c the father confronted one of them about their child's misbehavior who know what else they are capable of!! ?

    what kind of example is that for their kids...?

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