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So Jazz what did you think of Lost! :spoilers:

I figured that Charles was Daniels dad, but when she shot him I was just like dayum! Lot of stuff answered, I also read a spoiler that we're going to get to see the front of that stupid statue in the season finale! Which I'm guessing means we're going to flash back again since it's been down for ages?

Re: So Jazz what did you think of Lost! :spoilers:

  • It was awesome!

    I too figured that Daniel's dad had to be either Charles or Richard Alpert. 

    I'm curious to see how Saywer and Juliet and co are going to get out of the Dharma barracks...and I'm also not convinced that Daniel is dead yet, they made it seem like he is but they also made it seem like little Ben Linus was too. 

    I'm wondering if this upcoming incident with the energy release that Daniel was trying to prevent is going to start the time travelling again? I've been waiting all season for a Sun & Jin reunion...haha

  • Yeah, I wonder when they're going to meet up with the present crash victims. So far I don't like what they're doing with the Lock, Sun and Ben crew, not like we've seen very much of them though. 
  • Yeah.

    I also want to know what happened to Rose & Bernard! 

  • I'm pretty sure I read that we'd hear about them before the end of the season. I'm totally sad that next season is the last :(

  • Oh good! I like them and I really hope they are still alive somewhere - I'm going to be pissed if they just wrap up their storyline by showing them dead.

    I know they have to get back to the current time storyline eventually and my guess is that this season's finale will end with a huge cliff hanger relating to that. I've read stuff about characters from current time that makes it seem like they aren't done with their storylines yet (i.e. Rose, Bernard, the "others", etc.)

  • I want to know what the hell happened to freaken Claire! I used to be a total spoiler whore, but I've been really good lately. I haven't went to in ages!
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