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I just saw your post about the Reester bunny, and I have to tell you that my mouth starting watering, my stomach growled, and I smiled real big. As if I was about to eat one myself!

A friend of mine has a family ritual of taking regular chocolate bunnies and dipping them in PB to eat them. We're going this route with the one we were given!

So, what do you bite first? I bite the ears off first then make it talk to DH then pretend it can't hear the replies. I think last year DH then bit off the mouth to make it stop talking...

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Re: *Kari*

  • LMAO!  I started with the ears, but couldn't even finish those!  That damn bunny is RICH!  AND I had to have a huge glass of milk to finish my 3 bites of ear. lol
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