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anyone with personal experience with this? I'd been weaning slowly, and dropped the last BF session last week. Yesterday started having pain and hot red area in my dr thinks I have the beginnings of it...have started antibiotics. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated! I've tried everything to dry up I think....this part of BFing sucks! :(
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Re: mastitis?

  • My sister had a case of mastitis last month, she wasn't in the weaning process though. I don't have any advice except a link to an article on it from Kellymom. Good luck, I hope it clears up quickly!
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  • I had mastitis for most of Kira's first couple of months.  Antibiotics are key, then just doing all you can (heat, hot water, etc.) to keep the milk moving if possible, and cabbage leaves to stop the pain.  I'm so sorry -- it's torture!  Are your nipples OK?
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  • Ugh, sorry you have to go through that!  I had mastitis when Liam was 3 weeks old.  The antibiotics were really the key I think.  I also tried nursing and pumping on that side as much as possible to keep the milk moving through, but I'm not sure how that would work for you since you are weaning.  Did your dr mention anything about that?  I would think you might want to pump some on that side to empty it out while the infection clears up, but I'm really not sure.  I hope it clears up quickly for you!
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