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prefold as an insert?

Since GMD seconds are available, I'm contimplating getting some to use as inserts. here are a few questions

1) how absorbent would it be for an insert (in a BG3.0)? would one work or would i need to stuff with more than one?

2) i'm thinking the newborn size would be best (less bulky for an insert). agree? ?

thanks mamas!?

Re: prefold as an insert?

  • I've done it as an insert for an overnight pocket (premium size though so quite bulky).  Worked fine!
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  • we use dark brown pf's and a hemp foo foo insert for nighttime. bulky, but it works!
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  • I ditched my microfiber and use the GMD reds in the BG pockets until our hemp inserts arrive.  They've been working great and are just a little bulkier than the microfiber.  I still change him the same amount - about every 3 hours.  I don't know if I would do the newborn size, b/c it will be too short in length.  Ours are a little short in length but it's not a big deal b/c the one inch that is empty is in the way back.
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  • thanks ladies! i think i shall go buy some....
  • We use orange edge as inserts.  They are a little short, but I never stuff all the way to the waistband anyway.  I point the 'spout' down and make the waist tight and that works well.  We change every 1.5-3 hours and the prefold is wet but never soaked.  They are slightly bulkier than microfibre, but it doesn't bother me at all.
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