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Hey! I saw your suggestion about the baby leave in conditioner. I think that's EXACTLY what we need. What kind do you use for Kate? Her curls and hair are so shiny and adorable.

I think part of Sean's problem was that we were washing it twice a day (nanny gives him a bath in the morning and we do it as bedtime routine) and it was drying his hair out. We stopped washing it at night and just let her do it in the morning. I think some conditioner of some sort would help.

How are you guys? How is AL treating you?

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Re: *** lololoco ***

  • Hey, we're just using the cheapo suave green apple leave-in kids conditioner. It has an octopus on the front of it in a green container and it smells like green apples :). But it works great and she says "oc-pus" when I get out the bottle. I actually use it twice a day. Once at night when she gets out of the bath, then once in the morning on her dry hair to tame down the crazy bed head.

    AL is great! We are loving it here! I'll be in ATL this weekend though. I still get back there at least once a month!!! I can't get over how big Sean is now! He's such a handsome guy!!!!

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