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So this is the only place I would say this,

because even I know how dumb it is.  But my mom sends me some paperwork of mine that she found going through her filing cabniets.  The papers are mine.  Only mine.  Yet she address the envelope to Mr. & Mrs. Z------ Folan.  Um, why not just put my name on it!?!?  I am STILL a person.  I still have the ability to tear through a single sheet of paper, therefore able to open mail.

Lame, but really really gets under my skin.

Re: So this is the only place I would say this,

  • lol! that is a little silly, but you know what is more silly than that? i hate that too! and i wish i was still a Ms. instead of Mrs! i hate being  Mrs.! i feel old! lol silly again but anyways! Stick out tongue
  • That would have totally bugged me too. 
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  • My mom is the only one who will not accept that I kept my maiden name and addresses any mail she sends to me to Mrs. MarriedName- irks me to no end!
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