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I just had a quick question and if you aren't comfortable answering I understand, but it's about Reglan. ?I took it for 2 weeks as prescribed by my OB and noticed an increase in production and didn't have side effects other than a headache. ?I finished 2 days ago and my supply is gone. ?Did you have the same issue or is this possible with the Reglan? ?I emailed my LC to see what she thinks, but I was just wondering if you noticed the same thing. ?TIA!

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  • Yes, my supply did decrease when I stopped the Reglan.  But not as low as it was before I started it.  Does that make sense?  I went from not producing enough, to having more then enough, and then making just enough.  I was EP'ing, and I honestly think that if I had been nursing my supply would have been better.  So I'm not sure if your supply being gone is normal or not, but I'll be interested in hearing what your LC says.

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