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I was just reading through my new Parenting mag & saw an ad for the whole line....anyone heard of it/used it?  Is it safer/healthier or just a gimmick?  If you used it, does it actually clean well?  I have been disappointed in 7th generation's cleaning ability but don't like using all the chemicals in Clorox, etc.
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Re: Babyganics?

  • I have a friend that uses it and likes it.

    I like making my own. For all-purpose I use a squirt of Dr. Bronners, TTO, and peppermint for scent (sometimes I add vinegar). It works great and it's cheap!

  • I have the dish soap and the tub/tile cleaner. I like the soap, don't like the tub/tile cleaner. It just doesn't do anything and it smells funky. NOT like lavendar like it says.

     I agree, the 7th Gen cleaner I got I am not in love with.


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