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PSA:Discounted teeth whitening for charity

One of my good friends is a dentist here in Atlanta.

Every year he offers deeply discounted teeth whitening and ALL the proceeds go to charity.  100%.  Kenny is a good friend of mine and this is totally legit.  he whitened my teeth before my wedding 4 years ago.

Here is the email he sent me asking to get the word out this year:

Pardon the mass email but I need help and I know of no better way!  It's charity season once again in my office.  Until the end of June, we are whitening peoples teeth at discounted rates and giving every last cent to children's charities locally and around the world.  Since the dawn of the millennium, I am very proud to say that my office has raised almost $30,000 for children's charities through this wonderful outlet.  Unfortunately, the hardest part is getting the word out.  So I'm humbly asking for your help.  You never know who wants to whiten their teeth, and this is a perfect opportunity for someone you know to do so, help needy kids, save money and get a tax write off! 

Also, please let me assure you and your friends that there is NO "Gimmick" or "Catch" here.  You don't have to sign up for anything, buy anything else, become a patient, or listen to a 30 min presentation about a timeshare opportunity in Alaska!  Just whiten your teeth and go about your life smiling brighter and bigger knowing you have done something great for yourself and needy children!

Our local benefiting charity is once again Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  This money is earmarked for an amazing new portion of the hospital that our charity efforts over the years helped build called "The Zone."  The Zone is a place where sick children can get away from their beds for a while and just play in a fun sports theme atmosphere for boys and girls alike.  I got a chance to see it recently and was amazed at what the good people over at Children's healthcare have created.  By participating, or by spreading the word, you will help it continue to grow in programming and thrive as the place where "sick kids" can go to just be "kids" again for a while. 

So thanks in advance for helping get the word out, and/or thanks for participating if you have in the past!  Please send this out with the full color attachment describing the charity to all your friends, family and colleagues.  I would be honored to help them help themselves and others who are in need.

Thank you so much and all my best wishes for a great Spring and Summer!

Ken  :) 
Kenneth W. Berger, DDS
3330 Cumberland Boulevard
Suite T-50
Atlanta, GA  30339

404-351-5585 (Office)
678-241-5585 (Fax)



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Re: PSA:Discounted teeth whitening for charity

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