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okay, cd questions re: washing...

so mine came in the other day & now i'm washing them. i have 18 chinese 4x8x4 unbleached prefolds.  instructions i have say to wash 3-5 times in hot water & dry in between.  is a cold rinse okay since they're brand new & just trying to get them to be absorbent?

also, since i'm washing them so many times, do i need a 2nd rinse each time or maybe just the last 2 to remove any detergent residue? (i only put in like 1/4 of the mfg recommended detergent amt for a full load)

and i dry them on low? right?

okay, on to wearing...they seem so big and the covers so small.  how do i fold them to fit inside the liners???  i have thirsties covers and prorap classic covers.  do i fold them lengthwise? or the shorter way for a nb?

sorry for the silly questions.  Thanks!

Re: okay, cd questions re: washing...

  • You can just boil the PFs and eliminate all that washing.  I don't ever do a second rinse and haven't had any problems (knock on wood).  I dry mine on low in the dryer or now that it's nicer out...outside.  PFs dry quickly outside.  I have infants sized PFs that were up to 15lbs for my DD.  She just the last week or so went into the standard sized ones and I still have to fold the top over before securing with the snappi. 

    I had 16 infant PFs.  I didn't start CDing DD until she was 3 months.  You will need a lot more than that if you start CDing with a newborn.  I think DD went through at least 12 sposies a day as a newborn.  She pooped a lot :)

  • I fold lenthwise. You should search youtube for folding videos. Or green mountain diapers has a lot of pictures. There are lots of sources and different techniques. I do the angel wing/ butterfly with a snappi.?

    I also boiled my PFs--for twenty minutes in a very large pot maybe 7 or 8 at a time. Then I just washed them once and they were ready. I saved some water, but definitely used some cooking gas. They are really hot when you take them out, so you need tongs, and I just plopped them into a clean laundry basket and then hung them up above it once i could handle them a little better. I let them drip a little and then put them in the dryer. So many oils come out into the water you really need a large pot. GL!

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  • I did wash-wash-dry, wash-wash-dry. I added a pot of boiling water to each wash. For prepping, the hotter the water, the better. They came out super quilty and soft. I would skip any extra rinses, etc. for now. If you have already done detergent, I would leave it out of all the rest of your washes.?

    Our normal wash routine is cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse. ?


    ETA: For a newborn, research the angel wing and jelly roll folds. If you don't have one, get a snappi! ?

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