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The sun will come out tomorrow...

... but its trying to peak through today!?

DH came home for lunch today (as he does everyday) and mentioned how much he would miss the time with DD and myself if I had to go back to work. While he was eating, he was making a list of the improvements he wants to do to our house and making guesstimates at the prices. He also said that he would be okay trying out the allowance system for a couple months to see how it could work. He also wants to sit down sometime this weekend and go over our financials with me (I have taken care of our money since we moved in together, so he rarely knows what is going on!)

Yay! He may still say no... but he is at least moving towards a compromise. I am so happy I gave him the time and allowed him to come to me, I just can't believe he only took 2 days!


Re: The sun will come out tomorrow...

  • congrats!!!!!!!!!  it's always better when they realize it on their own, it seems to take men a little longer to think about/process things before they eventually agree with us. hehehe!  good luck!
  • YAY! Still hoping for the best for you!
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  • i dont know what you did or said orignaly but it sounds like i might want to do the same...?
  • Yay!  I'm so happy for you! 
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  • Oooh, that's so great!!!  I'm so glad he came around and is more willing to sit down and discuss everything, all the options and all the facts.

    Let us know how it goes!  :)

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