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Ladies who responded to my Clomid post...

How did you get referred to an RE?  Like I said we do have a connection; however I'm not sure how that works!

Specifically- MrsMikey since you did not wait an entire year, would love any insight in initiating that.

I'm @ Capital OBGYN currently- switched there from Atrium (have had a much better experience in general at Capital!)

I think at this point I want to get another "period" and go through a cycle on my own before making a decision.  Obviously if I go on a few more weeks with no period then I will act quicker.


Re: Ladies who responded to my Clomid post...

  • I would just ask your dr to refer you. And depending on your insurance, you may not need a referral at all. Just depends!

    I think if you've been charting for a year, there should be no reason you need to "wait and see" with an RE will start things moving for you..

    I saw your post in the original thread and just wanted to let you know that I went through Duke Fertility Clinic and LOVED them! Dr Copland there is awesome...there's also a younger male dr there that is great too (name I can't remember right now). FWIW I have heard horrible things about Dr Walmer (I think the one that your family is friends with)...I never had any experience with him but had a friend that left the practice b/c of him....just a heads up...he may be fine for you idk...

    GL with everything!

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  • We did not wait a year either.  It was around 6 months and after my m/c in 2007.

     My RE was very understanding when I gave him my perspective of what I thought was going on.  At the time they suspected PCOS however they were able to rule that out as well during all of the bloodwork.

    You have enough information you shouldn't wait.  The only thing you need to do now is see whether or not your insurance requires a referral.  If so, you should be able to get one pretty easily.

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  • I was lucky in that my OB's office also has an IF clinic.  So I didn't really have to be referred to someone else, I just started seeing someone else in that part of the practice.  But I don't think you would have any problems being referred at this point, just get a referral from your Dr.  Alot of RE's won't take patients unless they've been referred.  I would just call them and speak to a nurse and tell her you want a referral, shouldn't be any problems.

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