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Should I be seeing a RE?

Background: I stopped the pill Jan 08. Period was not consistent (went a few months with nothing), so I saw the doctor in June and she put me on Femara. I've been taking it every month since then. DH was tested and is fine. I had an HSG in January and was fine. The doctor says the next step is an IUI.

Is there anything else an RE would do, or check for? Is there a chance that they could find something wrong that the regular ob/gyn wouldn't? I'm wondering if I should see one before getting an IUI. (Not that the IUI is a big deal, but I'd rather not waste money if it's not going to work)



Re: Should I be seeing a RE?

  • My personal opinion is yes.  I outlined a lot of why I think in the post below about Clomid.

    It sounds like your OB has done a pretty good job considering it's an OB but an RE's job is to get you pg and nothing else.  The HSG and SA were great steps.  Are you monitored on Femera at all?

    Have you had all the b/w done to check the numerous hormone levels involved?  It does sound like maybe your OB is missing something but again that is my opinion.


  • Thanks. I do get bloodwork taken on day 21 to check my progesterone levels, but that's it as far as I know.
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  • I had a whole battery of blood tests completed including stuff like Prolactin, Thyroid, etc. It was a long list.  He wanted to rule out anything and everything he could and he did.


  • Hey there-

    I don't post here very offten but saw this and wanted to put my two cent in.  I do agree with ECUPirate.  First off I would want to be monitored more offten while taking any type of meds and I would also want the whole kitten kabutal round of b/w.  I've been seeing my RE for 2 1/2 years.  If you have any questions and want to talk let me know.  Now that I'm not working I have A LOT of time. :)  If you do page me on the local board - I check in there pretty often. 


  • I think you need to see an RE. It sounds like your OB just gave you the Femara and then sent you on your way.  You should have had a battery of tests done, including an u/s, before you even started.  And you should also be monitored while taking the Femara to make sure it's even working.  I had bloodwork and u/s every cycle while taking it.  So I agree with the others that you need more testing and more monitoring.  I also highly recommend using OPKs while taking it too, because if I hadn't been, I would have missed our window the cycle we did get pg, because I ovulated sooner than we expected and I hadn't had my u/s yet. 

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  • Yeah, you should be seeing an RE. I was monitored closely on clomid (2-3 u/s per month and blood work), as you should be on femara. The ultrasounds are to check for follies (and the # of follies) and after you start your period (before you start another round) to check to see if you have leftover cysts (as in femara is not going to do any good if you're full of room for follies!) Also they should have checked several different blood tests, sounds like they didn't? Have you had an u/s at all?

    I would definitely NOT do IUI through an OB....I did IUI and am so glad that I did it through an RE who is very familiar with it...I didn't want to waste months with an ob that doesn't do this everyday...and FWIW I think IUI IS a big deal...With IUI you should be being monitored by u/s before and after it's very invasive. JMHO after having gone through 2 IUI's....

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