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Although I probably should have gone years ago due to a chronically bad back, I have never been to a chiropractor.  My back is so bad today that I can barely get out of bed, so I finally made an appointment.  I was just wondering what made for a good chiropractor?  Should he do something to make me immediately feel better? Is this something that will take time to work? I am (obviously) completely clueless, so any info is greatly appreciated!

As a side, I made the appointment with Dr. Beck in Arlington - anyone know anything about him good or bad?


Re: NBR: Chiropractors

  • I have had a great chiropractor and a not-so-great chiropractor. Here are a few of my thoughts:

    1. The not-so-great chiropractor used this tool on me to do the adjustments. This did not help me much and I found out later that this tool should mainly be used for the elderly or people with brittle bones. I personally like a chiro that does manipulations with their hands and body. This can get pretty up-close-and-personal but I think it works better and yields better results (at least it did for me).

    2. If you are in severe pain, sometimes visiting the chiro may not immediately fix the issue/relieve the pain. However, after you go a few times, it should start to feel better. For me, I am in "maintanence" mode and I always feel better after going - like everything is lined up again.

    3. Both of my chiropractors wanted me to come 3 times per week at the beginning and then they would phase me down to less visits over time. They really like you to come often until your alignment holds. While I believe this may be the best option from a medical perspective, if you have a limited number of visits per year (my insurance only gives me 20 visits) and if you have a co-pay (mine is $15 per visit) - this can be expensive as well as time consuming. Also, I did not want to use up all of my visits in the first months and then have to pay out-of-pocket the rest of the year. So, you can politely explain to the chiro that you only have so many visits and that you want to spread it out. My chiropractor wanted me to come in 3 times a week at the beginning and I told him that I would only come in once a week. Now they want me to come in once a week and I told them I will only come in every 3 weeks. It's not thier preference but it's your choice as the patient.

    4. My personal opinion is that the goal of a chiro should be to get your back in good enough shape so that you eventually can stop going (or go infrequently). Therefore, in my opinion, they should be teaching you proper alignment and showing you exercises and stretches to strengthen your muscles and give you more flexibility. If they do not do this, it seems like they are just making you reliant on them.

    5. Yoga and Pilates probably helped my back issues more than anything. It helps with alignment, flexibility, core strength, etc. I don't do it as much as I should but this definitely has helped me over the years.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better.



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