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Tell me about your potty training success stories!

I'm hoping that being a SAHM will help with potty training, since I will be able to be consistent over a period of days/weeks.  DD turns two on Sunday, and I'm thinking that now that the weather is getting warmer, I may try PTing soon (since she can go without pants).  I'm just not entirely sure how to start.  I'd love recommendations for PT books or websites.  If she really doesn't seem ready at this point, I'll just wait a few months.  I know it's on the early side.  TIA!

Re: Tell me about your potty training success stories!

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    I love the book 'Diaper Free Before 3'.

    Be sure to get a little potty and have it always available.  We have 2 Baby Bjorn potties, one little & one big.  One stays in the living room and the other one is in the bathroom.  It's so easy if they can go bottomless.  They learn really quickly that way.

    Make sure that she sees you and/or DH going to the bathroom.  This will help her to learn what she is supposed to do and to know that it's normal.  Talk about what you're doing and explain the toilet paper and hand washing routine.

    I would highly recommend cloth training pants.  You can get some that have a waterproof layer on the outside for when you're out and about.  It's really important that they feel when they're wet.  You can also put a pair of toddler underwear on with pull-ups over the top for when you're out.  This will keep their clothes dry, but will give them the wet sensation.  Definitely go bottomless or just in underwear at home.  Clean up accidents without making a big deal about it.  Praise when she sits on the potty and when she goes on the potty.  Don't scold when she has an accident.

    Stickers or other rewards can work, too.  We came up with a chart where DD could get up to 3 stickers.  1 for telling us that she had to go potty, 1 for being dry/clean when we got to the potty, and 1 for going on the potty.  It worked well and we only did it for a week or two.  Now, we're almost there, but we don't need the stickers any more.  Some days she doesn't have any accidents and other days she has 1 or 2.  We just take it day by day.



  • I'm sorry but I actually have ZERO helpful advice to give because at 2 1/2 years old, it seems Emily still just isn't ready.

    She's curious for sure!   She loves toilet paper (whose kid doesn't?), loves to flush and always claps and says; "Good job, mama" when I go, which totally cracks me up but, for the most part, she does NOT want to use the potty herself except incredibly sporatically and random.

    For now, we are just trying to be patient and go with it because I don't want to force it when she's clearly not ready but I do ask her every morning when she wakes up, every day after her nap and every evening before & after her bath BECAUSE her diaper is always dry at these times.  She has peed in the potty a few times for DH over the past 6 months and seemed really excited and proud of herself but it tends to come & go.

    I'm really looking forward to the replies to this post because I'd love some suggestions/tips/advise as well!  Thanks for the post!  :)

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  • My boys were a piece of cake to train. I just waited until I knew they were 100% ready (about 2 3/4 years old) and then put undies on them. Neither one ever peed their pants. I think the key was just waiting until the right time. From what I've seen, if you try to do it too early, you have less success. Plus you have to remember that every child is different. It's great to get several ideas so you can try all of them to see what works for your child. Good luck!
  • Hey there, my 6yr old and 3yr old girls were both potty trained at 2. I must say the number one thing I learned is that pull ups were the biggest mistake. I used them with my first child and it seemed like it was taking long, as soon as I stopped using them, I'd say within 2 days she was fully trained with an exception of a pee accident here and there which is fine in my book. I did use the pull ups nap and bed time. If you take her to the potty with you and let her see she'll be interested. I started with after a drink I'd sit her on the potty about 10-15 min after and sit there with her until she'd go. Lots of praise!!!!  Sometimes i'd sit them on the potty with a book and when they'd finally go they realize what it was that they were doing and it was easier to ask them about going potty...
  • i concur that pull-ups are the worst!  they feel like a diaper to the child. 


    my best advice is just to let them do it in their own time.  DS potty trained on the late end of the spectrum and i think my urging him to do it early made things worse. i was so concerned with doing it "at the right time" that i wasn't letting him go at his own pace.  once i let go of the reins and gave him control, it was easy.  yes..."easy!"

    having said that, i always teach the kids at an early age about the potty, what it does adn let them "practice" so that they're familiar with it.

    i also only ever used the toilet...i never used a potty chair.  i thought that it was just one more step btwn diaper and toilet.  i did buy a little seat for our toilet so their bum didn't fall through the hole!  ;)  heehee!

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