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Whatever happened to BFing and losing baby weight?

So I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help you lose weight. My scale isn't budging one bit and it's been 8 weeks. I broke down and joined Weight Watchers online and am starting their nursing mothers plan. I know everyone says 9 months on, 9 months off, but I am just so disgusted right now! Of course, it's my own fault for gaining 60 lbs, but oh well. I just never imagined having 40 pounds to lose post partum. I guess I'll know better next time around! We just joined Lifetime in Loudoun and I'm enjoying going (the whole 2-3 times per week I get to go, since DS is too little for the childcare) but I am so incredibly out of shape. I used to run daily and now, I can't imagine running.

Anybody else struggling with the baby weight?

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Re: Whatever happened to BFing and losing baby weight?

  • don't beat yourself up about it.  first of all, you can't really help how much weight you gain, unless you were eating everything in sight and not stopping.  sometimes you just gain weight.  secondly, i understand being disgusted about it, but relax a bit.  it took me 7 months to get back to prepregnancy weight.  i am still working on the m/c weight, so that's a whole different struggle.  ww online works well, that is what i have used previously and what i am currently using.  good luck!!
  • I love breastfeeding for bonding with and nourising my daughter, but that's it.  I'm convinced it hasn't helped me lose a single pound.  In fact, I think I am retaining weight (huge boobs and soft belly) in order to breastfeed.  I have had to work out a lot (even hired a trainer for two months to kick start getting in shape), and I still have 10-15 lbs of the 41 I gained to go (DD is 14 weeks today).  I was always a thin person who didn't really have to work hard at it (don't hate me, it isn't the case anymore!), so I am totally not used to this.  I guess it's age and growing a baby.  Right now I'm losing about a pound a week, and I'm sure you will too.  Good luck!
  • it's only been 8 weeks, your body is still recovering from pregnancy and labor; if you weren't BFing, you might weight even more now. Don't beat yourself up over it, your baby needs you, stressing over weight will not help. Keep working out and it will come off.
  • BFing doesn't work for losing weight for everyone.  Honestly, I really didn't look like me again until 9 months PP, and I DID lose the weight quickly.  It just takes time.

    Try a couch-to-5k program.  It will get you back into running again.

    I didn't start exercising until 3 months PP, simply because I didn't have the time.  Exercise does help a lot.  If nothing else, it makes you feel better about yourself for doing something.

    Good luck!

  • It is a crock of poo!
  • I gained 50 lbs during pregnancy and lost most if through moderately healthy eating and BF-ing.  At 11 months pp, I still have 10 lbs. to go and am no longer nursing.

    It'll take hard work, but you can do it!

    DD - 3 years old
    DS - 17 months old

  • Yeah, I don't think BF-ing really helps me lose weight either.  It's going to take me going back to WW, which I haven't done yet.  Must get motivated.  Kudos to you for joining WW, that's a great first step!!!!  And 8 weeks - your body is still getting over giving birth - it'll likely take a while to start to lose weight.  Hang in there!
    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
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