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I finally did it. Tell me she will be okay. re: bottles

So 3 days ago we said bye bye to her bottles.  I tried giving her milk in her sippy cup and her straw cup and she says no.  She just ask for "wa wa" (water) and she will drink and hold that before she falls alseep.  She is not waking up in the middle of the night, which I thought she would because maybe she is hungry, but she is fine.  So instead of our usual routine of bottle then 1-2 hours later breakfast, she eats breakfast when she wakes up. She eats cereal and drinks the milk in there and eats tons of cheese and yogurt, but its just hard for me to accept the change for her. Does that make sense?? and I know that there are other ways for her to get her calcium. (pedi wrote a list of high calcium foods and how to calculate)

Re: I finally did it. Tell me she will be okay. re: bottles

  • Hang in there, Mrs. A!

    If she really associates milk with sucking and comfort -- not with eating food or quenching thirst, she may not drink too much milk while she's adjusting.

    I'm sure she's getting plenty of calcium from other dairy in her diet.  Sounds like she's eating a good bit of other dairy.  But it is hard, at this age, to give up control over what your child eats, isn't it!?  It's very emotional for the mom!

    Give it a few weeks and then try giving her milk in a cup at breakfast one day.  Don't make a big deal out of it; just kind of set the sippy down.  Or get her one of those Horizon brand single serving milks -- like a juice box.

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  • like pp said she might not drink to much milk at first but she'll get used to drinking milk from the sippy, ds had a hard time giving up on the bottle but now he does great! hang in there! she will be ok! :D
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  • Ditto Neverblushed!

    She will be ok!  My DD is not a big milk drinker except right before bed.  She gets lots of calcium other ways too.  Since she barely gets 2 servings of milk in, pedi suggested giving her vitamins since she can get calcium from other places, but she does need the other nutrients from the milk for brain development.  So, we get what we can milk wise into her, get her calcium and also vitamins a few times a week.

  • Ditto to everyone above.  eventually she will drink milk out of sippy and straw cups.  just will take time!! 


    Good job going cold turkey!!

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