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Hi girls:)  I'm so excited about all the good news happening here lately:)

I wanted to share a situation that was emailed to me by one of the agencies we work with.  It's a tougher one to match because the expectant mom wants an open arrangement.  I can testify from experience that if you're open to an open adoption, it's truly a blessing.  If it's something you're considering and want more info on this situation, check out my professional blog and email me.  Here's what I know as of this morning:

Bm Mikah is being induced in Utah on May 14th

She is having a full AA boy

Agncy fee is 16K plus full medical.  8 to 10 thousand

Mikah is 25 years old and from Columbus Ohio

She is 5 foot 2 and weighs about 137 pounds

She got her GED

Feels like she can?t parent the baby because of her financial situation

Has had prenatal care

Wants a family with NO Children

Would like an open adoption with possible visits

No drugs or Alcohol

She is looking for a two parent family, education is important.  She would like them to be financially secure and a Christian family

Birth Father situation.  They have one child together and live with each other.

She says that she has a medium build with black hair and brown eye?s

She has two girls ages 4 and 11 months

In Mikahs family history she states that her brother has asthma.  Her daughter and brother both have Eczema. (dry skin)

Her grandma has blindness in one eye and is also color blind.  She has a grandpa that had a heart attack.  Her mom, sister and grandma all have high blood pressure.  She has a grandma and uncle with diabetes.

There is 2,000 dollars of the matching fee that is at risk if she parents.


BF is 6 foot 1?  and weighs about 180 pounds.  He has brown hair and Hazel eyes.

Mikah says that he is tall and skinny

He graduated with a 4.0 GPA.


Please contact me if you are interested.  You'd need to have a current home study, background checks completed, and a profile.


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