I did it...and a question...

I bought the 30 day Shred last night and used it today. Besides having to kick the dogs out of the room because they were trying to trip me...I survived!!

 Yes  Something else to keep me busy.


How long did it take your fingerprints to come back? They said's Thursday



Re: I did it...and a question...

  • I assume 30 day shred is an exercise video and not a big shredder to destroy or tamper with evidence??? I do not exercise outside of chasing the baby and playing with a dog, so I can't help you there!

    I did fingerprints last April. I never heard back,  EVER. Neither did DH, my mom, MIL or DH's cousin, all who went to get approved for childcare thru the LifeScan program. Never heard back on ANY OF THEM. Then, when we did our home study for the adoption, we had to get LifeScan AGAIN, of now, we never heard anything.

    I assume no news means you passed?? I know its different in other adoption scenarios, but geez people!

  • Yeah that is so funny I just started a 7 week boot camp at our local Y to help the time move along......Our fingerprints took about 7-10 days to come back. 
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  • Thank you ladies. I thought her time frame was a little fast. I will give it some time.



  • WOO HOO for the shred!! I seriously cannot stop raving about it!
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