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XP: Can you help me with a video for a Marine!

My brother is a Marine... Hes 19 (err correction, 20 now), he went in right out of high school.

He was accepted to college, my mom had the means to send him to his college of choice, but he really wanted to fight for our freedom after 9/11

We havent heard from him in a month, and I know hes safe and just really busy... but it stinks.

Last time I talked to him, he was kinda in the dumps .

 He was headed from japan,to thailand to Afghan last time I heard. But I honestly dont know where he is right now :(

I want him to know that we as americans appreciate what he and all other service men/women are doing for us.

Even if we dont agree with whats going on over there, at least we support them/him.

I hate to piggyback off of Davez hearts for Dylan or The Stephan pictures in orange  But I thought this would be a great way to cheer him up and something he would always have

So you can take a picture or video of yourself, You kiddo, Your Family, Church Group/Classroom/Random people or whatever you can think of!

But his 2 yr anniversy of joining is in 2 weeks and I thought If I could make a video of pictures he would really appreciate it

His Name is Matlock

So if you can write

"we are proud of Matlock the Marine from Kansas"

or " Thanks for serving Mat for Sally in NY " or "We appreciate you Matlock"

or whatever you would like, I am going to compile them into a video and send them to him to cheer him up...

You can send the picture or video to [email protected] hopefully by sunday if possible!?

Thank you so much! I promise to post is when I am done

Here is the most recent pic I have of him, on his way home from the airport at xmas


and the first time meeting my daughter


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Re: XP: Can you help me with a video for a Marine!

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