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potty training?

Kateley has no interist at all. I sit her on the potty and she stays for a while, as soon as she stands up, she goes in the floor.

Re: potty training?

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    I'd step back from the potty training a while and try again in a month or two.  Just sounds like she's not ready.

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  • E does the same thing.  I don't think it is that she's not ready, it is just that it is a completely foreign concept.  Keep trying at the same time every day once a day.  Once she gets that, move on to a second time.  She'll get it, I promise!!!

    My friend started potty training at age 1 and it consumed her entire day!  I believe in taking it slowly and lettign them go at their own pace. 

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  • If she has no interest at all, she's probably not ready.

    Someone on here the other day quoted her pediatrician about potty training.  The advice was "You can start potty training at 2 and it'll take a year, or you can start potty training at 3 and it'll take a day."

    Look at my tickers below.  I've gone through this with a boy and a girl, and I firmly believe that they are only truly potty trained (take responsibility for telling you when they have to go, basically handle their own clothing, flush, and wash hands) when THEY are ready.

    Yes, you can take your child at the same time every day, and maybe he/she will tinkle in the potty for you, but that's not being potty trained.  Being potty trained is when it's THEIR decision.  Wait 3 months and try again.  If she's still not ready, wait another three months, etc.

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  • My 2 year old does great on the potty at school put is terrible at home. Can someone tell me what do I need to do at home to get him to go the potty? I can say he does go every morning when he wakes up, but thats it.

  • My 2 1/2 year old son will not use the potty! He is pretty regular, and usually goes #2 at night time after we put him in his room to go to bed. After he poops he wants to sit on the toilet. I have to be honest and say that I haven't been very proactive about the situation but I am also not even sure where to start, what to do! Help! I don't want two kids in diapers at the same time.
  • Im in the same boat, I refuse to have 2 kids in diapers or pullups. I am hoping to have him potty trained by the end of the summer. Wish me luck.

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