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I feel like a water balloon

doc told me to get 100 ounces of water daily. I ha e been having issues with shortness of breath and being lightheaded. I don't think I have ever drunk this much water in day in my life. I can feel my tummy going slosh slosh. Anyway the pur water pitcher with the flavor options rock. :)
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Re: I feel like a water balloon

  • I remember this time last year...I too had to make myself drink water. It is amazing how much it takes being prego.?
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  • Try eating things with lots of water in it like watermelon. I craved watermelon and grapefruits during my 2nd trimester. The only bad thing was watermelon was not in season so it was hard to find.
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  • I am sure this is something else I am failing with......
  • Right now with my amniotic fluid low, they advised me to drink at least 120 oz a day! I totally feel your pain! I think I've turned drinking water into my full time job. Thank goodness for flavor stuff for water, crystal light and lemon juice have really saved me lately.
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