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POLL: Thursday's Top Three

With Mother's Day coming up fast, what are the Top Three things you'd like (gifts, special meals, sleeping in?) in celebration of your favorite day?


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Re: POLL: Thursday's Top Three

  • 1) Someone to scrub the base boards

    2) Not having to take the night and morning feedings 

    3) A necklace with Monk's birthstone

  • 1. To sleep through the night.

    2. To have a maid for the day.

    3. Something for DD's hand prints or foot prints (something like that)

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  • I think I am getting jewelry and a spa day, but if it's not too greedy, I'd also like a Kindle :)
  • 1. TO SLEEP IN and have breakfast in bed

    2. For DH to take Emily for at least 1/2 the day so I can spend it at the spa... alone.  I'd just die for a facial, hot stone massage and a pedi/mani but that may be wishful thinking.  :)

    3. Dinner with DH and Emily and maybe a necklace I've been eying.


    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • 1) Sleep in and have DH watch the peanut all day so I can get stuff done.

    2) Nice date night with DH

    3) a family getaway


    * I have never been to a spa before, what is the hype??

  • 1.  A full night's sleep

    2.  A spa gift card

    3.  Love from DH and DD  :)


  • 1) Dave Matthews Band concert tickets (GOT THEM!!!!)

    2) A good picture of DD and I, framed

    3) Not making dinner

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    * I have never been to a spa before, what is the hype? 

    Me neither and I don't get the hype, either!

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  • 1. A new digital camera so I can take more and better pictures of my little guy.

    2. A warm day so I can spend it outside with DH and DS.

    3.  DH to clean the kitchen and take care of dinner.

  • 1. Someone to clean the house

    2. Diamond or small silver hoop earrings (I like simple stuff)

    3. Hmmm... basically I just want someone to clean my house! :)

  • As long as I'm dreaming:

    1. ?Plane tickets either for me to go somewhere or for one of my friends to come visit

    2. ?Weekend away sans child

    3. ?Spa day. ?

    What's the hype? ?Well, for me, a typical day at the spa entails a body scrub, body wrap of some kind, massage, facial, and mani/pedi. ?Just a day of pure luxury...aaaaahhhhhhh! ?I haven't had one of those since the day before I got married.?

  • imagebrightning:

    * I have never been to a spa before, what is the hype? 

    Me neither and I don't get the hype, either!

    Really?!?!?  Well, I guess not everyone likes the same things but I just LOVE going to the really nice spas up in Napa/Calistoga... champagne/wine and great snacks brought to you while someone gives you a massage with calm music and dim lighting.  Ahhhh!!!  I really like going with my girlfriends or my mom & sister best of all.  :)

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • 1. Sleep in & have DH take DD to the park.

    2.) Not to have to think about/prepare all the meals for the day.

    3.) A mother's necklace.

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  • 1. Nice date night out with DH

    2. New sexy bras from VS (haven't had this in quite a while and I really need some new ones!

    3. A whole afternoon to myself, which does not include just me cleaning while my boys go out..instead a good workout, some down time to organize some things, read, write, talk on the phone, or just do whatever I please

    *My guess is none of these are likely to happen..we have no good babysitter right probably no date night alone with DH...I doubt DH will think to get me bras or a gf to VS..maybe I will ask though!..and I highly doubt I will get free time. That is a rare commodity.

    By the way, all you girls who haven't been to the SPA need to go! I love going to the spa, but I just went for Valentine's and I don't feel like I need to go again just yet. GO and get a good massage and a mani/pedi and just be pampered. It's awesome ladies.

  • 1. A housecleaner/ maid for a day

    2. A haircut

    3. A date night ?

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  • 1. I would like to sleep in

    2. I would like to celebrate mothers day without having to acknowledge or even see my mil

    3, I would like dh to make dinner for me. I dont even want to have to do the shopping for the dinner.

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  • 1. A trip just the two of us.  We haven't had one since DD was born.  It's funny that for Mother's Day what I want most is a few days off from being a mom!

    2. Some delicious Vosges chocolate (I actually got this last year -- yay DH!)

    3. Impossible, but I really want my two grandmas back among the living.  I'd love to ask them how it was raising kids during the Depression and WWII, and all the other things I never talked with them about.

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  • 1.  Go shopping for a whole new wardrobe of clothes that fit.

    2.  A spa day sounds great!

    3.  An afternoon of alone time.

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  • WilyRedWilyRed member

    1.  New shorty pjs for summer

    2.  Brunch with DH (with or without my dad and the kids)

    3.  Beautiful card with heartfelt loving words.

    I hear you ladies on the spa day!

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