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HELP.. Terrible 2's!

Friday we got back from a vacation with my sister and her 2 children.. Ever since we got back our DS has been really whiny... He is constantly saying "NOOOOOO" and "MINE" in a really winey voice.. He says it to EVERYTHING.. He also will not listen and is being a big suck....

I know that he got it from my sister's kids because I heard them saying it on vacation... but it is DRIVING me crazy....

Sorry I just wanted to vent and get some advise on how to deal with it.  I have been ignoring this behaviour for the most part... and praising him when he is being good and using his manners..... I just don't know if I could be doing anything else!


Re: HELP.. Terrible 2's!

  • You could be having a cocktail right now:)

    It's tough. Coming back from vacation is always a whole new adjustment. I hope you go back to relative toddler normal soon. 

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