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Is my slideshow too long?

I've created a slideshow for Nate's first birthday and it's 7 minutes and a few seconds long.  I plan to show it at his birthday party.  Is that too long?  I could look at pictures of Nate all day long, and DH says he loves it, but are the guests going to be bored and annoyed at 7 minutes worth of pictures and music?

I'm not planning to change it no matter what... but if the guests are going to be annoyed, maybe I'll make sure that they have some cake to eat before we start the slideshow.  Smile


Re: Is my slideshow too long?

  • I am considering the same thing.  I haven't started the slideshow yet, but I'm considering looping the slideshow and just leaving it on the TV for the duration of the party.  That way people can look if they want to look.
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  • LOL - mine was close to 20 minutes. ?A year is a long time to get all those photos and videos in :) especially when you probably have SOOO many of them!

    I just played it during present opening / cake eating so people could either watch the video or watch her open presents or stare into space, whatever.

    I don't think 7 minutes is too long. ?I got so many compliments on mine and it was nice to have something going while she was opening presents, since she was painfully slow at that.?

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  • Are you planning for everyone to watch it at a specific time or do you plan to show it throughout the party?  

    If just planning to let it run I think it will be fine. If you want everyone to watch it, you may want to do it while they are eating or something. You may not be able to capture everyone's attention for the full 7 mins. 


  • I don't think it's too long.  I was planning to have one for Natalie's b-day party but I was going to have it playing in the background (looping) so that people could take a peak at pictures as they want throughout the day vs. having everyone sit down to watch it. 
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  • I think mine was about 10 mins, and I agree with the others that if you're just playing it in the background, it should be fine.  That's what we did, and just had it on a loop.

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  • I was planning on having everyone watch it at once b/c I know I'll go insane if I hear the same songs repeating over and over again all afternoon.  Plus, I think I'd enjoy watching it with everyone.  :)   I want to hear all the "awwww"s. 
  • 7 minutes isn't too long, but I think it is better to not just have everyone staring at it at one time, like a presentation or something. Have it on a loop for a long time, or do it while something else is going on :)


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