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Reflux at 2 is no fun!

Just a vent sorry! 

So around Dec/ Jan we had some instances of Grady randomly getting sick. I started keeping a food journal with dates, times and what made him sick. The pedi determined it was classic reflux. I wasn't surprised as we dealt with it when he was little. I  thought we were done with it at 7months when his digestive system matured. 
She gave us a prescription for generic prevacid and I had it filled just in case but after our appointment we've had no problems.. until this week. He has started randomly getting sick again and a 2 yr old throwing up is no fun whatsoever!!!!  He acts like it doesn't bother him one bit. He just gets sick then goes back to his normal self.   We started the medicine yesterday.. he had a good day yesterday and I'm hoping he'll have another good day today. I just feel bad for him although again it does not phase him one single bit.  I know certain foods are trigger foods and I avoid those (spaghetti) but sometimes its random food like grits or oatmeal cookies so that makes it difficult to manage.  Ughhh why did he have to get my stomach issues? I wanted him to have a stomach like my dh..he can eat anything anytime anywhere.

Re: Reflux at 2 is no fun!

  • Sorry B! ?That stinks. ?It is hard when the LOs have things like that. ?DD got my allergies and I hate it for her.
  • I'm really sorry!  DS had reflux as a baby, and we stopped the Prevacid at 6 months.  But then it came back, so we went back on it around 11 months.  He's on his last refill now, so I pray when we stop he doesn't start getting sick again. 

    Hopefully the meds will make him feel better again, and maybe he'll outgrow it (again) and won't have stomach issues growing up.  They're still growing and changing so much, it might be temporary.


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  • Oh lord I hope Keira outgrows her reflux. She yaks every time I feed her--and usually a ton of it. I can deal with milk barf but not solids! I PRAY this will pass before she has real food! She is on Zantac right now for the pain but it does not help the spewing. I hope your situation gets better for sure. 2 year-old barf is not fun for anyone. :( Poor little guy .
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