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Sick puppy...

We got DD a puppy about a week ago. A Cockier Spaniel. The cutest thing!

Sunday we took her to my in-laws and the kids fed her fried pork chunks. I didnt think it would affect her but that night she started throwing up... She's been like that for the past few days and wont eat anything. Last night I spoon fed her and once I was done she threw it all up. What to do, what to do??? I'm stuck at the office so is DH and she is home alone feeling sicky.  I will take her to the vet once I get off but mean while wanted to get an idea of what she may have?


Re: Sick puppy...

  • well dogs dont digest fat like we do thats why they cant eat eggs or chocolate because its too fatty and they cant process that, i say get some gatorate and let her drink so the puppy gets hydrated if she doesnt get better take her to the vet.. my brother is a vet and i learned a few things working for him! :P
  • Gatorade, check!

    DH is on his way to the vet with her.



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