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Had to share! Good Feelings.......

Don't you just love that unspoken feeling of love between you and dc?  Like last night Carson was eating his cheerios and water and watching Dora and I got up from the couch sitting next to him (we watch together) to get something and I just felt like planting a big kiss on him so I turned around and grabbed his cheeks and planted a big kiss on his nose and said, "mama loves you!" and he just looked at me with a mouth full of cheerios like, "ya mom i love you too"  he wasn't wiggling to get away or distracted he was just content and comfortable knowing that mommy is there and loves him. 

Sorry, I was just looking at his pic here at work and just love him so much and felt the need to share!Big Smile  But ya know what I mean?  That comfort feeling that they have with mommy?  They know we are always there and always love them unconditionally?Wink

Re: Had to share! Good Feelings.......

  • I kiss DD ALL the time! and tell her "Mommy loves you!" and when she looks at me and says "I love you too mommy" my heart just melts... every time.

    I know how you feel and it is the best feeling in the world!

  • i know how you feel! totally ! sometimes i just look at ds and i want to cry i love him so much! thats so cute you watch dora together! :D
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  • ditto giselle I love him so much I sometime cry when I realize he is getting sooo big...
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  • OMG isn't it the best?  I can physically feel my heart filling with love when I think about my DS.  I love being a mom more than anything in the world.  All those frustrating moments and sleepless nights just fade away when I realize that I have never loved something so much or so unconditionally in my entire life.  Thanks for posting this, it's nice to be reminded of that wonderful bond, especially when I am at work away from my baby.
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