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Prayer Request for a friend

I just received this from a close friend of mine and had to post it.  I know that there are a lot of girls on here that believe in God and the power of prayer.  I had a NICU baby and that God everyday that she is okay and you can't even tell now.  Here is the brief background that my friend included in her email:

She was born 3 months early in June 2008 and weighed 1 lbs.  I used to work with her parents at CP Morgan.  She is 10 months old now and still in the NICU at CMC.  I wanted to send this out for prayers.  This story breaks my heart.  I thank God every day that my son, Channing, was born healthy.  I can?t imagine what Aimee and Adam are going through!  They are struggling to keep their house in this economy.  They are both real estate agents and we all know how the market is right now.  They pay $1000 a month in health insurance premiums for the whole family (they have 2 other kids) and Adam said they have 2 million dollars in medical bills already since Kayleigh was born. 


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