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too much Moby?

I bought a Moby wrap a few weeks ago and finally sat down to figure out how to use it yesterday and Warner loved it! (and when I say he loved it, I mean that he fell asleep within about 3 seconds once he was in it both times I had it on yesterday)

But how much is too much Moby time? He napped in it (on me) for almost 4 hours combined yesterday. It was great for me because he was in one of those "don't put me down" moods and I got a ton of stuff done, but he slept right thru one of his normal feeding times which he almost never does. Should I just not worry about it and keep him in it if he's happy?

Re: too much Moby?

  • Not too much Moby! ?Take it when you can. I have an Ergo and that's the only place DD will take a long (3-4 hour) snooze during the day. I make sure to do it at least once so she gets good rest. Enjoy it!
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  • I think it only gets to be too much when your baby is older and trying to learn to crawl and walk.  Use it as much as you want!  Allison napped in it all the time when she was littler!
  • I'd say at Warner's age there is no such thing as too much Moby... enjoy the freedom of getting stuff done!!!
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