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Summer Infant Handheld Monitor

I just have to rave about this company.  I have had my monitor since my DS was born and I absolutely LOVE it, it was some of the best money I spent.  Now my battery is starting to die really quickly.  So I called the company full prepared to buy a new monitor/battery since I have had it for over a year and it's lasted this long, and they said they will send it free of charge.  I am floored, it's not very often that you find stand up companies like this anymore.

Re: Summer Infant Handheld Monitor

  • That IS awesome!  We have this monitor too and have been very pleased with it.
  • we also have this monitor and I called to get a replacement battery but I had to pay $10 for it because our monitor was 2 years old.  The CS rep was shocked that it had lasted that long because she said the normal life of those batteries is max of 18 months. 
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  • Yeah they told me 12 to 18 months was the max.  She said that they usually charge $10 for a new battery but because I didn't have the monitor in front of me and couldn't read the numbers to her, they would just send it for no charge.  I would have gladly paid more than $10 for it, I think it's worth it.

  • We've had ours for about 20 mos and it's still going great. Definitely money well spent!
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  • I love ours!!! We have had it for 20 months as well and haven't had any problems!!! **knock on wood**
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  • We have one too and it when we first started using it, it made some weird noises.  So I called and they also replaced it for free and said my warrenty starts all over.  They told me to toss the old one, but I felt so guilty tossing it because it was practically new but broken.  I held on to it for a bit until DH finally tossed it. Weird I know.
  • Love mine too!  I bought a second camera when #2 was born (BRU, online only) and it's great...I can flip back and forth between the kids and have total peace of mind while they are sleeping! 
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