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Can't believe I forgot to tell you.

Ok this isn't anything SUPER big but Paige asked to get on the potty last night - granted she did NOTHING but she asked to sit there!  DH kept trying to take her off because it was right after we got out of the bath and he was trying to get her ready for bed so I finally said "JUST GO DO SOMETHING ELSE!"  I was so irritated that he was trying to rush her.  Anyway, even though she didn't do anything I still think it is a positive step that she asked to sit there!  YAH!  I think I am going this weekend to BRU to get her a potty for the floor!

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Re: Can't believe I forgot to tell you.

  • OH YAY!  What a big girl!  I'd have done the same with my DH, if he would have done that.  Men.  Ugh.
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  • yay!!!!!!!!  big girl!  that IS a positive signWink

    sometimes men just don't get it when it comes to certain baby things.  dh will sit with Carson on the potty but no where near as long as i will.  it's like he is in this big rush for what i don't know?!

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  • Hey, that's awesome!  Definitely one of the signs that she's getting ready for it. 

    I would have (and probably have) said that to my DH in a similar situation.

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