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I just think, each exercise is 30 seconds long.  so even if you are hurting, you have no longer than 30 seconds to do it!!  And as Jillian says, take a 5 second breather here and there so you can finish. 

 Also, try not using weights and doing it without that for a while. 

 just think a healthier you, a healthier future pregnancy.  a FUN summer of running around with the little one and not have to sit and just watch.  an easier bathing suit season!!! 

 Good luck!!

EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR!  THANKS!  Maybe I should take my ultrasound pic of Paige up with me to help me remember WHY i need a healthier body!  You know like a focus point - like in L&

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Re: Tripleas1819

  • focus point is good.  I try to "space out" when I exercise!!!  As much as I can!!! 

     and honestly, there is no need to use weights if it is hard.  those moves will still tone you without them.  or use something like a bottle of water. 

     besides, I see your ticker, 8 lbs so far, that is awsome!!!  My weight loss is going bad right now.  after the initial 4-5 lbs by stepping up my exercise, i am stalled out. 

     what is bad too, this is where I stalled out last time I lost weight and I never got back on track!!!  it is hard, becauase i am not in my right weight, but yet I am in a size 8/10.  11 more pounds to my goal... 

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