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walking video in blog

I took a short video with my regular camera since it is such a pain to get one off my video camera. It's in my blog as this morning's post (link in siggy)

<p> Photo by Sweet and Sunny Images <P>

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Re: walking video in blog

  • So cute!  I love wobbly babies!

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  • She is doing great at walking!  Go Emily!!  :)
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  • imagemrsmikey:
    So cute!  I love wobbly babies!

    ditto!! what a cutie!

    my up-the-street neighbor is learning to walk, and i put him about 10 feet away from henry every time i go, because henry is the one thing (person) he'll walk to. it's SO cute. wobbly babies are hilarious.

  • So cute!  Cam likes to carry around bags and purses too!

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    My Sweet Girls

  • She's so cute!!
  • So cute. ?You forget how weeble wobble like they are when they first start.?
  • SO CUTE!! She looks like she's having a lot of fun.
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