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Poll- Breakfast Cereal

If you were to give your child a breakfast cereal in the morning, what would it be?

If you had to suggest a breakfast cereal for a very active 2.5 year old who asks for ice cream and cookes ALL day long, what would you suggest?

DS eats my cereal, Special K.  I am thinking of buying him cheerios though. 

Re: Poll- Breakfast Cereal

  • I don't give it often, but when I do, it's apple cinn. cheerios.  He won't eat the regular ones.  He LOVES oatmeal, so I give that a lot...Kashi.

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  • Paige won't eat oatmeal so we buy the plain cheerios - she loves them dry and in milk.  So it is a winner for us.

    My recommendation for the ACTIVE 2.5 year old asking for ice cream - something WITHOUT sugar! 

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  • plain cheerios and see if he will eat it.
  • We give DS plain Cheerios and also those new Banana Nut Cheerios, which are YUM!  DH and I even like to eat those.  DS will also eat my Special K.  I thought I was the only one with a kooky kid who likes it!  ha ha.  He goes crazy for it.
  • My oldest DD eats cereal (with milk and a spoon) all the time, and has been since she was 19 months.  It was a little messy to start but she picked it up really quickly and has never had a problem with it.


    We give her whatever.  I try to stay away from really sugary stuff like Lucky Charms or Trix, but if she sees DH eating it she wants it, we give it to her.  Like a special treat, kwim?  For the most part we give her cheerios, yogurt burst cheerios, honey nut cherios, honey combs, alpha bits, kix, berry berry kix, chex or crispix, rice crispies, and jumbo crispies.


  • Will he eat oatmeal? DD is crazy for it. I get the reduced sugar instant packets, and also the regular packets which I mix with some mashed banana, sugar free apple sauce, or diced canned fruit. I also make it with milk instead of water, for more protein. Sounds like he needs to start the day with as little sugar as possible.
  • Plain cheerios has less sugar then any other cereal on the market. Even the Whole Grain Cheerios has more sugar than the traditional ones. I'd stick with that.

    Once in a while I'll let Jack have some of my Kashi. Kashi also has a lot of sugar in it, so it's a very rare thing for him.

    I would limit almost all sugar from a kid who only asks for candy and cookies all day. I'd stick with fruit sugars only. That's just me though.

  • I hit send too soon.

    I always dice up either banana, strawberry, mango, or nectarines (when in season) into Jack's cereal. If we are out of fresh fruit for some reason I throw in a handful of raisins or unsweetened dried cranberries.

    He eats a regular bowl of cereal with milk and a spoon like we do and he has since he was about 12m old. He started feeding himself on his own, a bit messy, at about 18 or 20m. 

  • DD loves cereal and sometimes ask for it for dinner.  We give her: Special K with strawberries, cherrios, Kits, apple jacks, fruit loops, frosted mini wheats, honey nut cherrios and some others I can't think of right now.  She has been feeding herself since she was 16 months now.  She also loves oatmeal but the creamy kind with milk.
  • he eats cheerios or rice crispies in school every day. While I am not extremely happy about it, it's not too bad. They also give them cookies for snacks on some days.... and regular undiluted juice.

    He gets little sugar at home. In the summer it's ice cream here and there at home, but not more than that... unless it's someone's birthday or a special treat for him (chocolate milk).

    When we have cereal at home, I give him his bowl filled with 1/2 cheerios, 1/4 high fiber cereal and 1/4 corn pops (yellow).

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