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I have been meaning to page you- we were at the park for Jody's pictures Sunday too.  When we were parking I looked down and saw Colin in that little hat by the brick wall- SOOOO cute!!  He is a doll!  I can't wait until Ethan can do pictures like that by himself.  Or maybe I can, he's already growing up too fast.
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  • Hey Ingrid! Thanks :-) Colin is a big boy and ALL over the place. It was cute that he was able to sit and stand on his own for the pics. Just blink a few times and that will be Ethan haha! I have been meaning to page you or write you on FB too. I wanted to come over and say hi to you/see Ethan but after the morning I heard you had and the tight schedule I didn't want to bug you guys. The sneak peek is adorable, Ethan has gotten so big! Maybe this summer you guys will make a gtg.
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  • Same here- wanted to say hi but you guys were in the middle of pictures.  I felt sooooo bad that we were late.  Of course when we left we realized that we were only a couple miles from the park at the beginning of our getting lost!  Of course.  We were on our cell phones using the internet and using the gps and just couldn't find it.  We went to another Lenox Park nearby that was the wrong one too.  With all of the technology we were using a monkey could have done a better job!!  I am still amazed that we actually got pictures taken that morning.  But worth it because I love the one so far.  :)

    I would love to come to a gtg this summer.  I only have 3 weeks left until school's out and really want to enjoy doing stuff like that while I can before August.  I can't wait to be back to staying home with Ethan.  You better remind me and make sure I get to one!

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