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Nickname question - different letter?

Hello! I love the name Caitlin, with Katie as a nickname. However, DH is concerned it will confuse the child since they don't start with the same letter, and I'm really not crazy about "K" spellings (Katelin, Katelynn, etc.)

I know a lot of boy names do this (William/Bill, Robert/Bob, etc.) but what are your opinions in this case?

edit: I should add that I'm not wild about "Catie" either. Don't know why!

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Re: Nickname question - different letter?

  • It will be confusing. I grew up with a lot of "Caitlin"'s and each one spelt their nickname "Cait." I think it's a cute twist.
  • I don't think it's that confusing.

    She'll work it out. How hard is it to understand that C and K can both have the same sound and that you used traditional spelling for both her first name and nickname.

    I know a girl whose nn is Jen. I always assumed she was a Jennifer. Turns out her name is Gentry. Not that confusing. An unusal name, but not confusing.?

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    A lot of Catherines go by Kate. My grandma is Catherine and she goes by Kathy. It should be the same with Caitlin. Call her Katie. People will "get it".?
  • I don't think it matters, there are a lot of nns that change the original spelling much more than that.  How about Richard = D!ck!
  • I think it might be confusing when shes younger and learning to spell her name and such, but after that I think it will be just fine! She will just have to correct people if they spell her nickname.. no big deal!... my son will have to spell out his entire regualr name his entire life lol.
  • I think it'll be fine!  I agree with you -- Caitlin is way better than Katelin, which just looks odd.  And I'm really nt a fan of Cate or Catie.  I think she'll be able to figure out how to spell her name and everything.
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  • I think it could be a little confusing when your child is younger, but I agree with you that I prefer the Caitlin and Katie spellings. I wouldn't worry about it.
  • I think it will be a little confusing.  Being a teacher and having kids write their names a lot.  Sometimes kids write their nicknames on their papers and I think it would be confusing for all.  I've always liked the spelling Katelyn which could be used for Katie.  Unless you are set on Caitlin.
  • I wouldn't use a different letter. As a teacher, I would find that a little confusing, and honestly, just unneeded.

    I think if you really love Caitlin, then she can go by Caitlin at school and write her name as Caitlin. It isn't very long. Then you and friends and family can call her 'Catie' but it doesn't have to be something she uses in written form.

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