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Screaming and rash?

Oh Mr. Jackson has learned to scream and thinks it is so funny. He kind of does it angry sometimes like he is mad though. I'm sure this is just him testing his lungs.?

I have noticed since he has been cutting his top teeth that he has a little rash on his belly. Nothing to bad just pops up every other day. Th only thing is we have also started introducing milk in his bottles. (that he loves!) So if your LO's had a reaction to milk, what was it? Or is it more than likely just teething??

I really don't feel like I need to go to the pedi. It's not that bad, I just want to know what to look for if it is a milk sensitivity. TIA?


Re: Screaming and rash?

  • The milk reactions I've heard of are usually perpetually snotty nose, bad diaper rash, or diarrhea.  Not sure about the tummy rash.

    Can you call your pedi to ask about it without going in?

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  • Carter had a light rash on his belly too a couple of days ago.  I attributed it to the fact I put him in a shirt I didnt wash. 
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  • Gavin gets random rashes from time to time.  We finally figured out that it is some sort of minor allergy combined with dry skin.  We are using Lubriderm every day and so far no more rashes!






  • Could be a heat rash or a mild form of excema.
  • DS has had a little rash on him the past couple days too...I think it's probably heat.  He is cutting a molar too though, not sure if it'd be related.  

    I'd call the doc if you're worried, but not go in if you can just call. I plan to call mine today, although we also have a very stuffy nose.

    Also, DS is allergic to milk.  Reaction=immediate red whelps around mouth, hives on belly/chest, mouth swelling, and throwing up and then lingering diarrhea and eczema in that order.  If he's actually allergic to milk it'd be something like that.  Lactose intolerance though could be upset tummy/diahrea...maybe dry skin...not exactly sure.

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