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STILL BF'ing....anyone?

DD is still nursing once a day, first thing in the morning.

If I am up and about when she wakes (which is rare b/c she's usually up before 5) she will skip the am feeding......but sometime around bedtime she remembers and asks for milk.  She only does this when she's missed her morning feeding.

I never expected that!  Is that normal? 

Also, do you think she'll sleep in once she drops that feeding?  (Just taking a poll b/c a know-it-all genius says so :)

Re: STILL BF'ing....anyone?

  • we are.  we do morning and night.  on the weekends she will usually do one more in the middle of the day.  She is more attached to the am feeding than the pm feeing.

    honestly, regarding the early waking - have you just done CIO?  when we are sure she is not teething or sick and she wakes up before 7am, DH goes to her, rocs her for about 1-2 minutes, then puts her back down.  We do this even at the 5:30am wakings.  To us, it is just like waking at 3am.  It is not time to get up, so she needs to learn not to expect milk then.

    When she is teething, she wants to nurse constantly, which is good because it soothes her, but bad because at this point it gets a bit annoying to nuse that much kwim?

  • totally understand.  I did not intend to nurse this long, but I don't feel the need to wean her now.  BUT, if she nurses for too long I just want to push her away from me.  (How horrible does that sound??  But she's heavy and it hurts when she's just comfort nursing.)

    We've done CIO.  If she wakes before 5-5:30 we don't get her... but I have to get her up at 6 so it's not like she's really gonna sleep in.

    I also think that she's waking up b/c she needs to pee.  The downside to PTing.

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  • i'm right there with you.  the comfort nursing is not fun.  yeah the PTing throws a wrench in it huh?  I don't know anything about that, so I am no help. :(
  • DD still nurses first thing in the morning too (although if I'm not around she doesn't have any trouble skipping it), as well as before her nap. Lately since she's been teething again she's added back in the comfort nursing, which is definitely more difficult at this age. The morning feeding doesn't seem to have affected her wakeup time, so I'm not much help there. The hardest part is the number of people who think we should just forcibly wean her -- but she's really attached to BFing. DH and I are going away in a couple of weeks and DD will be staying with grandparents for a week, so I'm waiting to see if that kind of does the job for me :)
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  • DD dropped that last morning session at 22 months.  Totally normal.  :-)
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