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Poll: how "young" have you gone?

Have you ever been a "cougar?" 

I once dated a guy who was about a year younger than me, but that's it.  I discovered I like older men.  Tim is 12 years older!  Stick out tongue

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Re: Poll: how "young" have you gone?

  • Just David, he is 9 months younger than I am.?
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  • Just one year too....the maturity thing gets me. I can barely put up with DH and he's a month older Wink
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  • I've dated someone 3 years younger.  Almost all of my ex's are younger than me.  Drew is only 6 months younger.  I think I have dated 3 that were older.  Which is quite a few since I have dated a lot of people.
  • A little less than a year. Young guys aren't my thing. Dh is almost 8 years older than me.
  • My first real bf in hs was 10 months younger than me, but you could never tell it.. other than that I have always dated guys 2-6 years older... I once dated this guy when I was 17 that I told my parents was 20 (and they actually still let me date him.. reason #1432489634 why I dont want girls) and he was defintely 26... good thing he only lasted abt a month and 1/2..
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