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When will he use a spoon/fork?

I've been giving him a spoon or fork with every meal since he was a year old. He still holds it in one hand and shovels food into his mouth with the other. I want him to start eating yogurt again (he hates when we feed him at this point), but right now it would just run out of his hand and onto the tray. Pointless mess. When will he actually USE his spoon/fork?

Re: When will he use a spoon/fork?

  • my son does this too, and he's 2 1/2!  I just keep giving him the fork and hoping that one day he'll come to his senses about it. :)
  • At first I would guide Hailey's hand when she held the spoon or fork.  Eventually I just let her do it on her own.  Her aim isn't that great but she's doing better.  It's definitely messy!

    Sometimes she gets frustrated when she can't get food on the spoon or fork and she just uses her hand.  I figure it's good that she's trying but sometimes it's probably like me using chopsticks.  If I had to eat everything like that, I would starve!


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  • Do you just give it to him or do you guide his hands and help him scoop and stick and then feed himself?!  I have learned putting it on the spoon or fork and then letting her feed herself encourages her to do it.  She gets better and better each day but was about your LO's age when she really got the hang of it! 
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  • some foods are better than others.

    Good spoon/fork foods:

    sticky foods like refried beans

    anything for a fork I pre-stab for her and leave on the plate

    OOOOH.  Her fave is the broth soup at the sushi restaurant with those big Japaneese soup spoons.  :)

  • Olivia has been using a fork/spoon for a few months now.  I did just like what pp said about guiding her hand with it.  Now she won't let me help her!
  • i bought a pair of gerber spoons that are soft at the end, and by soft i'm not talking about the ones that are covered with plastic at the end this ones are all plastic and the end is soft, the handle is short enough for ds to actually put it in his mouth and they hold the food inside of the spoon.. i try to guide ds's hand to his mouth with the spoon so he learns and little by little he is trying to use the spoon more often, he still eats with his hands often but i believe in consistency so i just try everyday and hopefully by the time he is 18 he'll be able to eat like a person! lol
  • this are the spoons i bought! sorry i wanted to put them on my pp but i couldnt find them here they are!
  • I guide his hand when he'll let me. A lot of time he resists and looks at me like "what are you doing? I'm perfectly happy holding this thing and scooping food into my mouth with my hand!" He gulps down his dinner, so I'm wondering if he eats so fast that using the spoon will only slow him down and he knows that.

    I even show him with my fork how to do it on my plate, then I use my fork on his plate (when he won't let me show him with his spoon).

    My child is becoming stubborn... apparently like his mommy (so my mom says)... he'll do it in his own time, I know... but I want him eating yogurt! lol

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