Russian Orphan Exchange Programs

Has anyone ever attended a picnic or event to meet orphanes that are brought to the states for a few weeks in the summer. Or have you ever participated as a host?

I remember one of these events being in our town last summer. I hadn't thought much about it until I was just watching an Adoption Story dvr'ed episode where a couple met their child through this hosting/exchange program.

Re: Russian Orphan Exchange Programs

  • I don't know anything about this program, but I just watched an episode of Adoption Stories on my DVR.  It was about a family bringing home a baby from Korea.  I started bawling.  It was the first episode I watched, and I suspect every episode will have that effect.  I probably have this one on my DVR too.
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  • I've never even heard of that. It sounds a lot like the "Orphan Trains" they used to send out West back in the "Westward-Ho!" Days.

    I'll be interested to see if anyone has had experience with it.

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  • Soon2bkranz's mom works with a hosting program for kids available to be adopted from Russia and other Eastern countries. I don't know if they had a picnic, or what, but there were about 10 kids from the Ukraine in the bay area last year, if I'm remembering correctly. If you want more info, and she doesn't chime in here herself, you can page her on the Nor Cal baby board.
  • No but a coworker/neighbor of mine adopted three boys due to this program.  His wife worked with the organization that brought the children over, and they were supposed to fly into NY/NJ and get a same-day connecting flight to the Midwest or wherever they were going.  There were delays, and his family put up several of the children overnight.  By the next day, one of the host families backed out, and my friend's family decided to host that boy.  They bonded over the summer, and ended up adopting him.  Over the years, they adopted two more sons.

    He's asked me if my husband and I would consider hosting through the program; that's the only reason I knew it was still active.

  • We are personally 'solid' in our adoption plan but I just thought it was interesting, and just wondered if anyone else had done it.

    The language/communication issues would be really hard I suspect! I wonder how the children feel about the program - I mean, especially if they are not chosen to be adopted by a family - they get a trip to the US but do you think they kind of feel isolated because of language barriers and maybe rejected if they have to go 'back' to the orphanage?

    ((I completely see the positive side too, but I wondered about some of the cons).

  • I don't really have firsthand experience with this type of hosting program, but I do read up on other's experiences because my oldest son is from Russia. ?Mostly these programs are not supposed to be slated as "adoption" related, but most of those that host these children do with the intent to adopt. ?It is like a trial-maybe because the children are older, and to see how they fit into the homes. ?I do not know what the children are told originally when are they heading to the US, but seeing how Russia doesn't hold its orphans in high-view, I assume this is with the intent of adoption, otherwise why would they spend the money??

    ?And sometimes I do know that a specific child may not be right for the host family, but a different family falls in love with the child and decides to adopt that way. ?If anyone wants more info, the Russian board is helpful, as I think several posters have hosted and adopted themselves through these programs.?

  • I'm fascinated.
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  • YES!! My little brother and sister came to our family that way. I actually went to Russia with my parents when they adopted them. Then I went on to work ofr the organization that brought them here...


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