AW: One year ago today...

We brought baby "Hope" home from the hospital as a surprise emergency foster placement, and I would have no clue what an amazing blessing I was about to receive. The 2 weeks we spent in NICU and the little bit of a 5 lb. nugget I brought home is barely a memory - and she is practically walking!

She had her 1 year visit to the pediatrician today, and although she is petite (at 29 inches and 18 lbs, 8 oz), she is thriving. The doctor is pleased, and we are looking forward to our court date on May 20 where hopefully parental rights will be terminated which will eventually turn into a finalized adoption later this summer.

To those still waiting for their placement, hold on and just know that whether you believe in God, fate or nothing at all, things seem to happen at the exact time they are supposed to. Your baby is waiting for you as much as you are waiting for them.

To those who have encouraged me along the way, thank you. For those who have shared their stories and caused me to cry at work and get weird glances from co-workers, YOU GO GIRL!

I am so over the moon with happiness with my daughter and the family we have built with her and her half sister, my niece, and I am so pleased to have a community where I fit with my unconventional family.

A toast to the Adoption Bumpees!

Re: AW: One year ago today...

  • Good Post.

     Glad it's working out for you! Fingers crossed for a final adoption!

     And Hope is such an amazing name for her.


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  • I love good news! I am so happy for you! Please keep us updated with how the court hearings and adoptions go!



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  • for some reason I double posted...and it won't let me i'm editing get a double CONGRATS  from me :)



  • Your post made me teary! :)  Congrats to  you guys!
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  • Congrats. I hope May 20th is the magic date. What a little blessing you have! Gift
  • Thanks for the beautiful post!!!!!  You are absolutely right what a difference a year makes!!!!!  CONGRATS and keep up the great work!!

  • Aww, that was a super-sweet post. You are so blessed!
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  • I've really enjoyed following your story, Kirsten. Thanks for being so open about your journey!
  • What a great story.  I actually remember when you came to the preemie board for the first time.  I knew absolutely nothing about adoption at the time, but I admired you so much and was so happy for you.  You have had a great year.  May 20 will be here before you know it!
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  • Aw, come on now...we said, "no more tears!"  But your happiness is so evident in your post and the sweetness is just so real and precious.  I, too, became teary.

    Kristen, I have so enjoyed "meeting" you and following your journey.  I only wish we lived closer, because it would be wonderful to get to know you in real life.  You are a strong, loving, caring woman who clearly wants nothing but the best for her family and those she loves.  I'm so happy you are reaching peace and fulfillment.  And I pray that your finalization comes soon!

  • Awwww! You are so blessed! Her name sure does fit her. That is great.
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