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XP: Bath Time Drama?

Hi ladies- I have not been on in what seems like a while....  My 15mo little man is unusually laid back and easy going.  All of a sudden he hates the bath!  I don't know what to do and am looking for some tips.  I have tried new toys and bubbles......he hated the bubbles and new toys distract him for a few minutes but then the climbing out and screaming begin.  Any thoughts?  TIA

Re: XP: Bath Time Drama?

  • I know this sounds ridic, but DD used to love hot baths and now she wants them almost cold. 

    I also got in with her on the really crazy nights.

  • I'm not much help - DD has occasional "I hate baths" nights.  They suck and I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING!  You're not alone!
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