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Showing our profile tomorrow!!

Now I know that doesn't mean anything is set in stone but it is the first time our profile is being shown and I'm giddy with excitement!!  It's just so nice to find hear that something is happening!  The waiting is so hard.

Hopefully, this dies down 'cause I'm not sure how I will be able to focus at work tomorrow.


Re: Showing our profile tomorrow!!

  • Congratulations on your progress!
  • Yea! That's exciting!!!
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  • Congrats. That is a big step.
  • That's so exciting! And I think you're allowed to be a little distracted at work. It's a big deal!



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  • Hey you never know ..............why can't it be you guys?????  GOOD LUCK and don't fool yourself you will never be able to concentrate at work tomorrow hahahahahaStick out tongue
  • How exciting! Fingers are crossed for ya!
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  • VERY exciting!  Keep us posted!
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  • Good luck today! Here's hoping you have a busy day, so you'll be distracted from thinking too much about it until you hear more news.  Fingers crossed!

  • sending good vibes your way today!!! Keep us posted.
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