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Timing question...

How far were/are you when you take prep classes?

I have to do my schedule 6-10 weeks in advance, and I am looking at scheduling the northside tour right now, but I'm also curious about how far you were when you took your other classes. I don't want to wait to long that we could potentially have the baby before we take the class (and the way things are mysteriously going right now, one never knows), but I don't want to go too early and forget everything...suggestions?

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Re: Timing question...

  • I had been scheduled for both the parenting class and the hospital tour and I think the parenting class, I was scheduled for 28 or 30 weeks and the hospital tour ended up being about 35 or 36 weeks.  My parenting class was canceled due to snow so it was rescheduled for when I was 33 weeks.  Never got to go to either of them because I was put on moderate bedrest towards the end. 
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  • We did all of ours before 32 weeks, but that was dictated in part by the hospital's schedule!
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  • We did the Childbirth Class at 7 mos.

    DH did the Daddy Bootcamp at 8 mos.

    We did the hospital tour around 8 mos.

    We did the BF class last, turned out to be right before he was born, but he came at 37.5 weeks.






  • I would recommend taking the childbirth classes as close to delivery as you can.  There is a lot of good info and if you are like me it will stick better the closer you have to use it.  I took the child birth classes around 32 weeks.  Most people in my class were around the same gestation. 


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