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DS was approved for state health insurance!!!

We had applied for all of us when DH was laid off, but received a letter that we were all denied in February.  We got another letter over the weekend that said that DS had been approved.  DH called today and he's eligible for either a state run health plan or the premium assistance plan in which they will cover all of the copayments/deductibles that our health insurance doesn't cover.  We chose to go with the assistance plan since even if we cancelled DS's insurance we would still have to pay the price for a family since DH's old job doesn't have an option for a 2 people.  DH mentioned the hospital bill from March and the man told him to call the hospital billing department and give them DS's card number and have them resubmit the bill.  I am so happy because honestly we would of been paying that bill off for a year.

Re: DS was approved for state health insurance!!!

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