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anyone DC use Periactin or other appetite stimulant?

My DD will be 3 yr old this July and has been having FTT issues for over 2 years. She finally reached 21 lbs this month with the help of Periactin.  It seemed to really help with her appetite but lately her appetite isn't as strong.  We did 3 wks on Periactin with a wk off as prescribed by her GI. Unfortunately, her GI is on maternity leave and her dietician quit right after we started the Rx.  I haven't had any responses back after leaving a message but we have a follow-up appt next month. 

Just curious what other experiences have been like with this type of prescription.   Also, if you've already weaned off it, how was your DC"s appetite?


Re: anyone DC use Periactin or other appetite stimulant?

  • DD was on Periactin for a while.  Unfortunately, she had a sort of allergic reaction to it (she would get really itchy) and would be a zombie, so we could only have her on a dose for three or four days and then take four or five days off.  We were prescribed to give her two doses, 12 hours apart consistently.  Like I mentioned, we couldn't  do a consistent dose but luckily our unique dosing was successful for her for a little while. But, like your child, DD definately had ups and downs with her appetite despite the med. It was almost like she built a tolerance to it, which I'm not sure is possible, but that's how it seemed.  On her good days she was up to 20 ounces a day of 40 calorie/ounce formula.  This helped her gain a pound in a week but then tapered off from there. 

    I do remember my GI stating that for the med to be really successful that a consistent daily dosing is recommended, however, of course, I wouldn't want you to not follow your GI's orders.  Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • We usually recommend cycling on and off the periactin (3 weeks on, 1 week off is reasonable) as it seems to retain the effect better. ?That varies from child to child, and your GI doc will know best what to recommend.
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